[Test] How often should I charge my Tesla to 100?

How often should I charge my Tesla to 100? There is a great confusion about this question. We tried to sum up, for you, Tesla official recommendations and what experts say. Let’s see

Tesla advises keeping your charge threshold at 100% for even everyday usage, and charging your car to 100% regularly if the energy picture shows “50%” or “100%.”

It’s not a great idea to power your EV vehicle entirely up to 100%, according to Elon Musk directly. You could already be saying to yourself, Well, obviously he’d say it.

Does he manage all of that Tesla charging equipment? He wants to make sure that people have to charge most frequently.

It’s not actually that cunning. Musk provided a very reasonable justification for why this is the situation, focusing mainly on maintaining the integrity of your battery over time.

If any, he is actively working to reduce the entire charge to less than 100%, which is the complete reverse of what more suspicious minds claim he seems to be doing.

How often should I charge my Tesla to 100?

How often should I charge my Tesla to 100
How often should I charge my Tesla to 100

1. Tesla official recommendations

Tesla forum posts claim that a capacity charge of 100% is OK as far as it does not last for an extended period of time. However, because drivers will resume driving shortly after departing a Supercharger, a complete charge at the facility is acceptable.

To safeguard the battery over the long run, Teslas are to recharge to 90% of their capacity, rather than the current battery maximum. It’s not recommended to attempt to charge it 100% as a consequence.

2. Depending on the battery type: LFP vs NCA

Tesla advises keeping your charging limit imposed to 100%, including for everyday usage if your car has an LFP battery, and completely charging to 100% at a minimum once a week.

On the other hand, we are all aware that a lithium-ion battery shouldn’t be fully charged daily to maintain its longevity. For the best lifespan at Recurrent, experts advise recharging to 80–85 percent. This knowledge, however, mainly pertains to NCA chemistry.

3. Experts advise overview

Under the direction of Jeff Dahn, a renowned battery expert and the head of joint research at Dalhousie University.

He says Tesla advises limiting charging to 90% of capacity every day and to 100% only when necessary for lengthy trips, since frequent full loads can harm li-ion battery packs.

In the old days, Elon Musk has even suggested 80% routine charging, but you can simply charge to 100% if necessary.

Additionally, Jeff Dahn said in an interview, “I would recommend charging to 70% normally. When you need a long trip, charge 100%.

4. Owners’ feedback

Nonetheless, the car’s numerous efficiency-enhancing features, such as regenerative braking, really aren’t active while the pack is fully charged.

Furthermore, according to the owners commenting on the social media forums, it is reported that It won’t start working until the energy level drops.

It is believed that safety features like regen braking won’t start working until the battery is between 84% and 94% charged. However, starting much below 100% will guarantee that they remain active every time.

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