Fix : Tesla Safety Score not Showing Easily

You won’t get the Tesla safety score if you do not consent to FSD packs. Tesla Screen won’t show scores unless you have the necessary supporting drivers.

Additionally, these scores will not be displayed if you are not logged in with the main driver profile.

Software bugs can also bring on the above problem.

With their cutting-edge technology, Tesla has astounded millions of citizens. Recently, they have initiated the FSD feature. It has several autonomous features, including self-driving features.

Nevertheless, this score has indeed been glitchy recently. Many users have complained about difficulties regarding this software.

If you already have a Full Self Driving but just not the FSD Beta, then the protection scores will not be viewable on most of your drivers.

How to see Tesla Safety Score

Are you interested in the Safety Scoring system and how it evaluates your patterns? The protection scoring system is aimed to provide automobiles visibility and responses to their cruising behaviors.

Safety Score Page Failed to Load
Safety Score Page Failed to Load

A higher rating reflects a safer cruising range. The Scores range from 0 to 100. Scores around 80 or higher are expected of most drivers.

Thanks to the Electric car FSD Beta protection scoring, companies can evaluate prospective drivers by keeping a record of several elements believed to be essential to a safe drive.

Electric car Insurance uses the protection scores to calculate monthly insurance costs in some states.

To watch one protection score, you must either have access to the entire Self Driving (FSD), which you must fully pay, or obtain through a subscription. In some nations, you also need to have Tesla Insurance.

Although at the time of this writing, the above is only accessible to someone attempting out for FSD Beta and EV Clients, Elon Musk may soon suggest switching this policy, so others can see their Score.

Check out Tesla’s Safety Score Beta link for more information on how the five security factors impact your Electric car’s protection rating calculation.

Factors That Affect Tesla Safety Score

Your safety rankings are calculated by analyzing various factors such as heavy braking, rapid acceleration, exceeding the speed limit, sharp handling, and mobile use during traveling.

Factors That Affect the Tesla Safety Score
Factors That Affect the Tesla Safety Score

1. Overall Mileage

Your mileage is among the most critical factors influencing your Protection Score. That’s just statistics—the extra you start, the more likely you will be engaged in a car crash.

Aside from the rankings, recognizing your mileage is critical (as well as environmentally friendly) since we plant a tree predicated on how much you continue driving.

2. Weather Conditions

Traveling in the sun is far less likely to cause an accident in storms, cold weather, or hail.

Driving in inclement weather puts you at risk of an accident due to reduced visibility, dangerous traffic conditions, and other drivers facing the same challenges, due to which your car maintenance is disturbed.

3. Braking

If you hadn’t noticed the stop sign, you might have to brake hard to prevent running right through all of it. If you hit the brakes, your mobile can detect this with high accuracy—so don’t make sudden stops a habit.

4. Smoothness

If you have a mindset of speeding up quickly and braking suddenly, the Lemonade software will identify this as tailgating. Tailgating adds a whole new potential danger to your driving experience, and it won’t get you anywhere faster.

How to fix: Safety Score Page Failed to Load

There are numerous reasons why the Electric car scoring system is not displayed. And it’s a frequent issue for drivers. Tesla has stated that all FSD benefits and programs will require a subscription.


You will not receive the scores if you do not subscribe to packages. The Tesla scoring system is not visible without even an FSD subscription.

Also, Tesla’s vehicle may not display traffic cones or other characteristics, since the FSD beta package contains a protection score.

Despite how advanced Tesla’s software is, it has several bugs. Overall, all software contains minor and significant flaws. Because of these bugs, this page does not always appear.

The security ratings are typically displayed on the main screen. The home screen is empty due to software bugs.

What to Do

To sign up for these packages:

Safety Score Page Failed to Load what to do
Safety Score Page Failed to Load what to do

1. Go to Tesla’s touchpad and select the automatic pilot configuration.

2. Go to ‘Control’ first.

3. Move to ‘Software.’

4. Finally, go to ‘Additional Vehicle Information.’

From there, you can track the progress of your premium membership. So, see if you’re signed up.

You can easily subscribe by visiting Tesla’s website if you haven’t already.

For this problem, you can try some software configuration glitch fixes:

  • First, exit the Electric car app. Clear the app data as well as cache from the setups as well. Second, re-login.
  • Keep in mind to enter the information for the primary owner.
  • Reboot the app. It should completely restart the app and remove any software bugs.
  • You can reinstall Tesla’s app if the preceding steps do not resolve the issue.
  • Reinstalling any app restarts it, which should result in the protection scores appearing!

Tesla Safety Score Not Showing

Your automobile must be ready for full self-driving, but not the full self-driving beta.

You must establish permission to the Account since the release of Tesla’s Beta version sequence for the Security Rating to be viewable while driving.

You might not get a response right away when your trip is over if your car doesn’t have cellular service while you’re driving. As soon as your vehicle has connectivity, you’ll get updated moving data and protection scores.

Receiving a Safety ranking does not require Premium Connectivity.

Location services must run continuously in the background, not just when you’re driving, for the Safety scoring to be calculated correctly.


Security Rankings are also particular to the car, so Tesla owners with multiple vehicles may see a range of ratings.

When a car is sold, the Safety Scores must be reset, ensuring that the security rating of the old owner does not influence the new owner of a Tesla. Additionally, if a driver buys a new one, he cannot transfer his Security Scores from one vehicle to another.

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