Tesla Wall Connector Vs Third Party : Tests & Results

Those who are passionate about electric vehicles are aware of Tesla. Every motorist needs a home charger : Tesla Wall Connector Vs Third Party

However, everyone has different options for charging at the house. The type of E.V. The recharge you choose will vary based on various elements, along with how frequently, how far, and how much power you need to use.

The best charging method is through the wall connector, but other options are still available.

Continue reading if you want to learn if there are any options for a wall connector. Your queries will be addressed in this post, along with additional information on all third-party options.

Tesla Wall Connector Vs Third Party

On the list, the most recognizable item and the main advantage that this device was made specifically for your Tesla is its wall connector.

This device can simultaneously charge multiple vehicles and share power. Although what its name suggests, you can use a converter to use it to power any other electric car.

The distance is added at an average of about 44 miles per hour. A better price on it can also be found on its webpage.

Tesla Wall Connector Vs Third Party
Tesla Wall Connector Vs Third Party

Version 3 has Wi-Fi; however, it isn’t currently beneficial. Two alternative cable lengths are available for Wall Connector:

18 feet and 24 feet. The 24-foot cable is better, since the 18-foot cord might not be able to access all driveway areas. The charger can deliver up to 48 amps of power.

benefits of tesla wall charger
Benefits of tesla wall charger

Can Tesla Charge with Other Third Parties Options?

Another problem that challenges the world of electric vehicles is charger incompatibility. Some contend that manufacturers ought to make their chargers accessible to all E.V.s.

Other adapters can be used to power. You can use non-Tesla chargers to charge your car with the J1172 adapter.

Unfortunately, as it is the only manufacturer to employ a unique plug design, you cannot use a Tesla adapter to charge any other brands of vehicles.

Alternatives for The Wall Connector

Wall connections can be replaced with a variety of home installation options

Although the brands differ in connection, pricing, and cord length, they all provide roughly the same energy as a wall connector.

Remember that utilizing a third party to power requires the J1772 adaptor. You receive one from Tesla, so be careful to keep it secure.


This one can recharge any electric vehicle, thanks to its type 2 connection. Because of its wall-mounted style and IP65 dust and waterproof casing, the P.V. the device is appropriate for indoor and outdoor applications. The output of Benny’s varies from 16 to 32 amps.

All of Beny’s E.V. chargers surpass your needs in terms of helpful lifetime and efficiency due to their experience in producing P.V. components, which spans over thirty years.

The robust design enables you to accomplish several commercial goals while advancing your company.

benefits of beny's ev charger
Benefits of beny’s ev charger

Level 2 Electric Car Power adapter Blink Home

People who want a straightforward process without needing further applications or process control will welcome this sleek and durable design.

For individuals who only want to plug in, receive reliable and robust charging, and then unhook and keep driving, this level 2 E.V. the household charging station is perfect.

benefits of level 2 E.V.
Benefits of level 2 E.V.

Portable Level 2 EV Charger SplitVolt

For people with minor house parking situations where installing a mounted box isn’t practical, Splitvolt provides this simple alternative that fits right into your NEMA 14-30 socket or even your dryer outlet.

Although small, it has a 16.4-foot cord and, unusually for smaller chargers, the recharging device also displays the charging status. A more potent NEMA 14-50 variant is offered for a hefty price.

benefits of Portable Level 2 EV Charger SplitVolt
Benefits of Portable Level 2 EV Charger SplitVolt

EV Fast charging Wall Box Pulsar Plus Level 2

One of the top-selling goods is the Pulsar Plus charger. It can charge your device and is interoperable with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

The Pulsar Plus can produce 9.6-kilowatt hours on a 50-amp network and 11.5 kilowatts on a 60-amp circuit because they offer both 40-amp and 48-amp versions that power at 240 volts.

The energy output could be altered from 16 amps to 40 amperage or 48 amps.

EV Wall Box Pulsar Plus Level 2
EV Wall Box Pulsar Plus Level 2

You may position the Wallbox Pulsar Plus remote connector holster wherever you wish. The cable, on the other hand, lacks flexibility and is inflexible.


You should use the wall charging method if all you own is a Tesla.

Before installing one, speak with an expert to determine the proper circuit breaker for your recharging setup.

Numerous manufacturers offer home chargers for electric cars. You’re under no obligation to get one from Tesla. They all act in the same way.

Some may have a few more functions, but the most crucial factor is how quickly and securely the adapter charges your automobile.

To power, you’ll need to make more movements, including unplugging the converter from the car, linking it into the home charger, and reconnecting it to the E.V. The top home chargers available are listed above.

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