Tesla Front Plate Required in California? [GUIDE]

Because California asks you to have dual license plates, you must present them on each car you drive. Avoiding this regulation will be unhelpful, as you will invite difficulties and a heavy fine.

Police can readily identify if you do not even have a rear registration badge, and that is sufficient justification for them to pull you over and issue you a fine, so make sure you got that registration badge fixed to your bumper.

Whereas most Vehicle owners refuse to utilize licenses, 31 nations, especially California, mandate them. Fortunately, there are ways to attach an EV permit to your New model without causing damage to it.

EV vehicles do not arrive with badge attachments already installed. Therefore, drivers frequently ignore it. But it’s wise to think about this when taking your EV for the first drive.

Is Tesla front plate required in California?

Some drivers refuse to attach it to their vehicles for several reasons, the most important among which is that they do not wish to drill holes in their bumpers.

Tesla Front License Plate California
Tesla front plate required in California

It is an obvious problem since if the vehicle doesn’t come with a clear area for a registration badge (and not all automobiles do), it’s not the most desirable outcome to mess with the looks of your front end.

You can’t put your plates on the dash and need a registration badge in California, but there are other choices.

Owners who do not wish to make a hole in their vehicles can purchase sticky plates that apply directly to the car (albeit sticky) or magnet solutions that stick without a trace.

Consider these two alternatives if you don’t want to drill a hole in your bumpers! Most importantly, do not drive without a registration plate. It is simply not worth it.

Subsection 5200 of the California Vehicle Code, including Tesla, specifies that even if plates are provided to a car, plates must be mounted, front and back.

Only one reason so many Tesla car owners decline to affix them, perhaps because they “destroy the lines” of an automobile, or possibly because they can pay the penalty for not possessing both licenses. After all, they can buy a Tesla.

It’s indeed Lawful in some jurisdictions to operate a vehicle licensed outside the nation with no license plates.

Law enforcement officers may stop that car if it lacks an EV permit, unless the authorities know that a specific state needs both a front and rear registration plate.

What’s the deal with EV drivers who don’t have an EV permit? Are they excluded from this provision?

After reviewing numerous web Tesla blogs and online forums, most drivers believe their vehicle looks way better without a front badge, regardless of whether their state needs it.

Another huge percentage of consumers state that they do not even desire to go through the effort of fitting a unique attachment to install this badge to the vehicle or using the existing stick-on attachment.


Not every state mandates you to display your license badge ahead of your automobile, but many do. Understanding the appropriate regulations of the region you drive is critical to avoiding problems.

Tesla will either manage ownership and registrations for you or prepare and mail you the documentation you’ll need to finish registering at your government’s motor car department, based on your jurisdiction. Most states offer Thirty working days to achieve licensing or handle self-registration papers.

Depending upon your state, temporary registration plates may be issued so that you can drive immediately after receiving your vehicle.

Once you’ve taken ownership and all funds are cleared, Tesla will begin processing your papers. If more data is required, Tesla will approach you to guarantee that your car is licensed as soon as possible.

The salesman informed specialists that once a car is purchased and handed over to the customer, the Tesla provides a sticky attachment and is installed on the vehicle’s exterior because Colorado state law necessitates a plate.

The salesman also said that the customer was allowed to remove a front mount, but cautioned of the risk of serious damage when removing the glue.

An EV permit is required in multiple states, plus Washington, D.C. The license regulation in California, as in numerous other states, is intended to make it easier for law authorities to recognize a vehicle. It also helps identify the car on a detour route or along the E-470 tollway for the Express Toll scheme.

According to Tesla, users have to be able to comprehend the registration plate clearly in all instances. It implies you can use registration plate covers or casings to cover them from the weather when driving around, as you can read the words on the registration plate.

California state mandates you to update your permit number each year. After that, you’ll receive 2 badges, which you must conspicuously display on your license.

While it is critical, that all these stickers be visible, it is also critical that they do not obscure some other data on your license plate, so keep this in mind when applying them.

Recommendation From Tesla
Recommendation From Tesla

What happens If You Violate The Law?

A penalty for a Vehicle permit Displaying Failure will cost you about $196. You must have a permit number in California by law; therefore, if you travel everywhere without it, you are violating the law and may face punishment.

A police officer requires reason to pull someone in any case, and the fact that you’re driving a car without an EV permit qualifies as the only cause.

Police then can take you over and issue you notice, with the normal fine for neglecting to display your EV permit being roughly $200.

It is a big fine for some people and pretty simple to correct; therefore, why not ensure it before it becomes a problem? You must constantly drive carefully, and possessing a front license plate on your car is part of that.


Finally, one of the most general and important factors for always driving with a front license plate is that this is the safest thing to do.

These plates reflect incoming lights, allowing other cars to see you even at nighttime, which is critical for safe driving.

Cars approaching from the opposite direction will be able to recognize the presence of another vehicle without difficulty because these plates also act as a reflector.

The concept that an EV permit can assist you in preventing an accident is significant and should not be neglected.

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