[Answered] Does Tesla Charge for Mobile Service?

Since the entire world is currently in your control, why shouldn’t Tesla Service be as well? And for this reason, the company created Tesla Mobile Service.

With this one, you don’t even need to visit the workshops to get your car serviced or repaired.

Does Tesla charge for mobile service? Is it worth it?

The majority of consultations involve semi-emergencies. On the side of the road, many are stuck and simply desire to get home. When the assistance arrives, the last thing they wish to do is struggle with payment alternatives.

Does Tesla Charge for Mobile Service?

Users adore the company’s door-step maintenance since it allows them to take advantage of it without having to make the effort of traveling to the facilities. Who doesn’t enjoy having meals delivered to their front door?

So, does Roadside Assistance have an additional charge?

Tesla Mobile Service is not covered by any warranties, so you must pay for it. Additionally, it is not a repair under warranty. Currently, the assistance has a $100 minimum payment and charges $1 each round-trip mile.

But if you enroll in a long-term plan, you might receive better pricing.

Does Tesla Charge for Mobile Services
Does Tesla Charge for Mobile Services

What is Tesla Mobile Service?

Tesla wanted to provide their consumers with assistance that was movable. The company therefore intended to make their service accessible.

You can get their assistance in your desired place rather than traveling to the workshops. The company has worked on a modest number of cars. They have converted the vans into transportable workplaces.

In other words, the cars are now shops. And a few licensed technicians operate these workshops.

And these specialists will transport their workshop to the location you specified when you require assistance. They will visit you and make the repairs you need. The solutions typically involve straightforward tasks for the clients.

But the techs are experts, as we have explained.

Places Tesla Mobile Service Cover

This is accessible in a number of US states. However, the EV manufacturer is quickly internationalizing the work. The company is consistently extending its reach internationally.

“I’ve only ever had positive experiences with mobile services (including scheduling and communication). Tesla must, however, make improvements if it wants to ensure that the service is first-rate and consistent everywhere.”

The only thing that needs improvement is the coverage that Tesla needs to expand.

Tesla mobile service cost

The question then becomes how much they will charge you. A little of the work is free. It typically costs around the same as its maintenance centers.

You won’t pay more for them. You will have to pay $35 to $100 for tire rotation, and $100 to $120 for a brake system cleaning. Furthermore, you must pay $50 in other situations, such when you need air conditioning servicing.

You should expect to pay at least $475 for full-service maintenance, which includes a thorough inspection in addition to the previously stated.

According to a Tesla Owner,

“In my experience, Tesla Mobile Service costs the same as the service center. In other words, there is no additional fee.

The techs’ cooperation with me to cut costs has been a positive experience for me. For example, I scheduled an upgrade to my cell radio at the same time as my car was receiving the eMMC recall.

Since the technicians had already taken the equipment apart for the recall, I didn’t have to pay labor for the radio installation.”

There is no fee for recalls or warranty repairs. In addition to that, you pay for labor and supplies. The most recent hourly wage is about $150.

Elon Musk has previously stated that he doesn’t think a car manufacturer’s service department should be a profit center.

Therefore, even though there is no reduction in mobile service, labor costs are distributed more evenly among repair facilities and real estate because overall costs are lower. As a result, overall service costs may be lower eventually.

You may face some issues with payment options. The price of the maintenance may be the only persistent problem you encounter. Some believe that $1 is too expensive per mile. However, your experience may differ. In our opinion, the work is worth the cost.

But if the assistance can be delivered to you, why would you rush to the workshops and what else do you need?

Is It Worth It?

Yes, it is worthwhile, and the company concentrated on this notion and came up with a brilliant idea. They wanted to make their services more user-friendly with their clients in mind.

We all agree that electric cars make life easier. Compared to traditional cars or vehicles, electric vehicles require significantly less work. You don’t need to visit the workshops more frequently because they don’t need a ton of work as they are fully automatic.

Perhaps it can be a worthwhile experience! Anyone who has heard about how fantastic the work is will undoubtedly test this one.

This not only simplifies your life, but also saves you a lot of time! It would be excellent to get your car fixed in your backyard. If you’d rather not interact with the experts, you can also benefit from the no-touch service. Your every requirement is taken care of by them!

is it worth it to pay for tesla mobile service
Is it worth it to pay for tesla mobile service

You can get in touch with the company’s customer support team if you experience any issues with assistance. They’ll be delighted to assist you in finding a solution.

The majority of users are pleased with the company’s mobile service. You can be certain that they will make every effort to resolve any issues you may have. 


It was discovered that many of Tesla’s customers were pleased with the company’s mobile service, and several of these customers indicated that they were given exceptional care and services even when there was the COVID-19 pandemic.

They offered a service in which there was no physical contact, which ensured both social distance and proper hygiene.

This is also how the company developed their transportable maintenance. What is meant by “mobile”? It is to be portable or movable.

So that you wouldn’t have to keep running to their maintenance centers like other EVs, they made it transportable. You only need to schedule an appointment, that’s all!

Other EVs do not provide mobile services, or if they do, they are not as efficient as Tesla. So, Tesla is the undisputed king of luxury electric vehicles.

As long as assistance is at your doorstep, you don’t need to stress about the problem. They can resolve any issue, no matter how basic or complicated, and get your EV back on the road.

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