Tesla Leaking Tire : Here is What You Need to Know

You may experience a Tesla leaking tire, and your vehicle doesn’t arrive with a spare wheel, so you could be stuck if you experience a puncture. We will cover all what you need to know in this situation.

They offer a warranty that will transport you up to 80 kilometers and bring you a substitute tire if you are close to a service center, but there are a few issues with this.

Tesla leaking tire : what to do?

Once your car wheel is going to leak, keep driving while attempting to avoid hard braking or quick steering, and stop the vehicle when it is safe to stop.

Tesla wheels are tubeless, which means that if a nail is stuck in them, they will not leak. The advice here is not driving on a ruptured wheel, even though it’s still full of air because they may unexpectedly deflate at any time.

A puncture causes the vehicle to lose momentum, so you should check wheel pressures regularly. As quickly as possible, replace or repair ruptured or damaged wheels. If the nail stays inside the wheel, your tubeless wheels will not leak.

If you notice a sudden motion or ride disruption while traveling or think a wheel is damaged, decrease the speed immediately. Please drive slowly, avoiding harsh braking. Set up the transportation of your vehicle to the nearest electric car repair shop.

Tesla Leaking Tire
Tesla Leaking Tire

Are Tires Covered Under Tesla Warranty?

There is no warranty support for flat tires; nevertheless, if your vehicle has an Extended Limited Warranty, the company will cover the cost of a tow offered by Roadside Assistance for the first 80 kilometers to the nearest Repair Center.

The only moment you should expect a wheel guarantee repair is if there is a problem with the tire’s material, stability, or manufacturing.

The Model X insurance does not cover the wheels. Tesla’s warranty includes towing services, which do not cover replacement but can offer a tow if you are stuck with a puncture.

Punctured cars can be repaired or replaced at Electric car Repair Shops or a nearby third-party shop. However, your wheel manufacturer may provide a warranty on the wheels, not the inflated ones.

Even though Tesla offers the Stepney for your new vehicle, they do not manufacture them, so you will need to contact the company that manufactured your wheels.

Regular breakdown of parts is generally not covered under car warranty coverage. It happens because these parts aren’t deteriorating due to factory flaws, but to normal wear and tear.

Tesla’s warranty also does not pay for damages caused by external factors such as accidents, extreme weather events, robbery, or break-ins.

For these repairs, you must ensure that you have adequate car insurance to cover maintenance if anything goes wrong.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair A Tesla Tire?

The cost to replace all four rims on your vehicle could be between $900 and $1,200. The length of your model’s alloy wheels, the kind of wheels you want to install, and the company will determine the exact replacement cost.

how much does it cost to repair a tesla tire
How much does it cost to repair a tesla tire

1. Touring and Grand Touring

These tires provide driving comfort, good road grip, and long treadwear warranty claims. Furthermore, they are reasonably priced, particularly compared to their high-performance counterparts.

2. Michelin Tires

You can cover up to 50 kilometers at 50 mph on the Michelin without any air pressure. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and soft sidewalls, they can maintain motion when ordinary tires struggle to move an inch.

3. Hankook Kinergy

The characteristics of all-season Hankook Kinergy tires and their touring counterparts are similar. All season Hankook Kinergy is more dependable in light wintry conditions, which is the main distinction between the two categories.

Additionally, all-season Hankook Kinergy is less expensive than grand touring.

Can Tesla Tire Be Patched?

Many drivers ask, “Can I patch the flat tire’s puncture on my vehicle? ” The simple answer is that you can repair most Tesla tires.

People could not fix EV tires in their initial stages due to a foam lining the interior of the rubber to ensure a seamless, quiet ride.

This side effect will indeed turn minor punctures into significant punctures. Local Electric car service professionals, on the other hand, can now finish patches for EVs with minor damage. If your tire is severely slashed or damaged, it must be replaced.

So, how would expert technicians fix Tesla’s tires? They start by removing the item that has been ruptured. This same foam layer is then carefully scratched away to make way for the repair.

The technicians will then repair the puncture in your tire and inflate it to the proper tire pressure.

Tesla Tire Repair and Maintenance (Quick Overview)

1. Roadside Assistance

Tesla Roadside Assistance is offered to oneself 24/7 per day, 24/7/365 per year, for the period of one guarantee.

If your tire becomes worn down and your car becomes unserviceable, you can instantly demand a breakdown cover from the bottom of your Electric car app main screen. If you are in such an unsafe situation, contact emergency services.

You can demand urgent roadside assistance from the bottom of the Tesla software main screen.

Kindly provide any information that will assist the team in locating you and better understanding about your vehicle in your recommendation.

To demand towing services from your Tesla car app, follow these steps:

  • Open the application and select ‘Roadside
  • Select the problem with your vehicle.
  • Provide any additional information about your request.
  • Select ‘Request Assistance

2.Towing Trucks

In some areas, qualified roadside suppliers convey a limited set of towing vehicles to rapidly repair a punctured wheel or tire. A new tire will be assembled on your previous wheel at your expense and available at your closest Service Center.

When a towing truck is not readily accessible, transportation services to your residence, the nearest Tesla Service Center, or a third-party maintenance site within 50 kilometers of the vehicle’s location are provided at no cost.


Among the most recent and advanced automobiles on the road, Tesla’s could indeed end up leaving car owners with many questions unanswered if anything goes wrong.

Numerous individuals are concerned about the replacement cost, believing it will burn a hole in their pockets.

Tesla replacements aren’t cheap. However, compared to other automobiles in the same class, their cost is reasonable. Tesla’s wheels are presumed to last 30,000 miles.

Assuming you drive 10,000 miles annually, these rims will only serve you approximately three years already when they need to be changed.

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