[Fix] Tesla Charger Light on but Not Charging

What to do when your Tesla charger light on but not charging? Your EV, the chargers, and the electrical supply the only 3 culpable parties.

Start by confirming that there is electricity in your house and the connection.

Investigate the charging point next; it needs to be linked to the car, get a green signal, and be correctly plugged in the socket. The next step is to examine your EV against a test to determine what’s wrong before contacting assistance.

Tesla Charger Light on but Not Charging : Causes

Here are a few reasons why your light is on but not charging;

Tesla Charger Light on but Not Charging
Tesla Charger Light on but Not Charging

1. It’s possible this is a fuse.

Your circuit board is a wonderful place to begin if something electrical in your automobile breaks down. A fuse seems to be a small, sacrificed component that is included into your car’s wiring.

That technology is not new because they are also on gas-powered vehicles.

2. Battery Could Be Affected

The batteries that power your Car is the subsequent item that you think of. The battery is receiving the energy from the charger and enabling you to start your automobile once more.

The battery could not initially receive the power if it has been damaged. This can be a reference to any harm that has been physically caused to your batteries.

3. Public Charger Could Be Faulty

If your automobile stopped getting power while you were using a public station, you would be able to hold the charger responsible. Like many other state sectors, these are frequently not managed in the way they must be.

The optimal course of action in this situation is to attempt recharging on a different one. If the chargers at your location of business isn’t functioning, you may wish to speak with an administrator there to have it serviced.

It may be obvious that the adapter is at fault if the powering is disturbed.

4. Supercharger payment

Did you overlook the supercharger payment? You must pay a fee if you use a Supercharger. Individuals mistakenly believe that things are free, yet there is a cost.

Individuals won’t be allowed to begin charging if they are not paying for the station. Proceed with caution in light of this.

5. Charge Port Might Have Corrosion

Look closely at the charger. Do you see any white patches near or within the port? It indicates rusting.

The charger on the Tesla may begin to rust if it is left outside or idle for an extended period of time. When it occurs, recharging won’t happen consistently.

You could have a weakly charged Tesla if it starts charging and then unexpectedly stops charging across the night.

6. Your Tesla Is Having Glitches

There is a well-known bug in which an EV can stop charging just short of 100%. When the battery in your automobile reaches 95 – 99%, it simply stops taking in new charges.

It makes natural that little bugs like these happen given how much software the vehicle has.

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How to fix Tesla Charger Light on but Not Charging

Check to see whether the battery’s green light is illuminated to make sure you have electricity to the device. Resetting your chargers is the following option if it is on and thus the car again didn’t charge.

After doing this, when your vehicle still won’t power, you probably have a bad one. To obtain a replacement device, you must speak with Tesla customer support.

Poor connections in your house is another potential cause of your Tesla not powering at home. Problems might result from improper charger placement or faulty cabling to the electrical outlet.

The charge procedure won’t begin if the converter isn’t satisfied with the electric power being provided, regardless of the voltage, speed, or amps.

The next procedure is to make a contact to a licensed electrician to have the circuits in your home checked and/or to connect the chargers. Any issues with the charger’s power energy can be identified by them.

If no problems are discovered, we must presume that the adapter is defective. It will be necessary to purchase a new one from Tesla.

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