[Answered] Why Do Tesla Owners Tap the Charger?

Many myths, even superstitious, circulate online regarding why do Tesla owners tap the charger on their rear lights. However, the most common explanation is that it is simply a means of opening the vehicle’s recharging port.

You might have observed it in reality or via the web, but drivers perform an unusual thing before recharging their vehicles.

They touch their vehicle backlight at least once, but frequently multiple times, before recharging. But why precisely are they doing that? Is this a phenomenon like the Jeep fever, or is there more to it?

Why Do Tesla Owners Tap the Charger?

Electric car owners tap their cars before recharging since it is one of the multiple ways to access the charge point, specifically if they are at a non-Tesla station.

Tesla is an electrical automobile that runs on a rechargeable battery. You would have to recharge the car for it to operate. When using an EV adapter, you can open your charger port cover by pressing the button upon that recharging nozzle.

Non-Tesla charging points, on the other hand, will lack this capability. In such cases, you must tap the vehicle several times around the tail light region to open the recharging door.

You’re sure everyone would like to know if touching your taillights affects your car.

You may access the port in several ways:

  • Tap the door.
  • Press a button on the charge socket.
  • Utilize the app on your smartphone.
why do tesla owners tap the charger
Why do tesla owners tap the charger

1. The Urban Myth

It could be an urban myth or a misunderstanding. Many individuals assume that touching the adapter on the tail light can improve recharging efficiency or connection.

There appears to be a myth claiming that this will assist in “aligning electrons” or reducing static electricity. Or, maybe more easily, eliminate anything preventing the connecting pins from joining.

There is an indication that this may be based on built-in features. Some users purchase an integrated matching device to optimize charging times.

Tapping the rear light is an easy method of increasing recharging capabilities. It is similar to pressing the bottom of a tomato sauce container to get stuff flowing.

2. Trying To Get Rid of Debris

There have been complaints of charge points becoming blocked due to careless use. The chargers would become blocked with material such as sand or dirt.

It would restrict EV customers from recharging their cars when they are out of range. Some claim that pressing the adapter on the rear light is one technique to clean the Debris.

It was widespread at first, leading to the habit of users touching the backlight as a kind of usual legacy thing.

3. Accessing the Connecting Point

The most obvious purpose for tapping a Tesla’s tail light is to unlock the connecting port before opening. Pressing and releasing the connecting point cover on the rear light would release the connection and enable you to charge.

Drivers may push the car’s doorknob before unlocking the charge port.

The panels have to be open before you can access the recharging port. On the Tesla S and X, pressing the door knob with the fob or your smartphone will open the doors, allowing you to access the charge port.

4. Some Owners’ Feedback

I. Social media

Tapping your vehicle before charging it has become a popular TikTok craze. When this occurred, other EV drivers joined in on the fun because of a social networking challenge.

II. Reddit

According to the experts, some EV owners believe that touching the chargers to the rear light may improve conductivity or recharging rate. In short, people tap the backlight, unlock the door to the charger port, clean the charging hole, the force of habit, or for social media.

III. Quora

It does not occur with all adapters, but there are various instances in which the charger would not function after being connected. To resolve this issue, tap the charging nozzle multiple times on the rear of your vehicle.

IV. Tesla Communities

Not all vehicles require tapping to ensure correct charger insertion; charging begins instantly. However, it isn’t the same for all versions; most users tap their charger nozzle twice.

People don’t claim that you must tap the charger numerous times for functionality or other reasons. However, many customers have stated that it works, so if you recently purchased any model of Tesla, try this technique.

some owners feedback about tesla Tap the Charger
Some owners feedback about tesla Tap the Charger

5. Does It Have Some Logical Reasons, Some Benefits?

The reason electric car users touch the brake light with a power adapter is just a simple way of cleaning any particles, including sand or pins, that may cause the charging to underperform.

When you observe owners touching the brake light of their vehicles, it is not the tail itself that they are tapping, but a panel that appears to be a portion of the tail light.


It can activate Tesla’s power source, the preferred option for most users when they need to charge their electric vehicles. As a result, in this case, it is determined that owners are just acting as a precautionary measure.

Tesla vehicles are getting increasingly popular, and owners are not uncommon to display their electric vehicles on social media.

This act began after users started experiencing charging troubles with their vehicles. However, people discovered that minor Debris within the charger hole could influence the charger, resulting in an inability to prosecute.


People have investigated the different sensible reasons why vehicle owners tap their vehicles. While all of them have legitimate reasons for doing so, it is often just a recurring habit or a practice that ultimately becomes a habit among Tesla users.

When using non-Tesla cables, touching the charge point or vehicle handles before charging is only required. When you use an EV cable or a supercharger, an NFC signal is sent immediately to the charge port, which opens it directly before charging.

Of course, you may access the charging port from the panel or the Tesla application. Touch the backlight on the side of the vehicle to unlock the door quickly if you have to charge the car rapidly and are rushing.

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