Tesla Delivery Date Keeps Changing? [2 Solutions]

A quick look at Reddit and other forums show that folks are increasingly frustrated, with many rumors that their shipping times had also changed around 4 and 6 times … Tesla Delivery Date Keeps Changing … Why ? How ?

Unfortunately, there are still problems with demand. The approximate transportation date is pretty later than it used to be; however, the delivery is longer. The company offers different ways to get your order based on your routine and where you want it to go.

One Tesla Advisor will get in touch with you to set up a distribution time that works for you.

Tesla has always had trouble estimating when the firm will deliver cars, but things have worsened because there aren’t enough cars to go around.

Even though delivery postponements and increased prices are nothing unique, last week in the U.S., transportation times changed several times.

Why Does Tesla Delivery Date Keeps Changing?

Tesla reportedly postponed transportation times for various base models to 2023 as demands for the company’s cars continue to outstrip manufacturing capacity.

CEO Elon Musk has previously claimed that supply is not a concern, but production capacity is.

Tesla Delivery Date Keeps Changing
Tesla Delivery Date Keeps Changing

When Hertz, a billionaire, placed the order for 100,000 automobiles last October, Elon Musk stated, “my EV company has considerably more demands before manufacturing.”

The company anticipated remarkable demands for its vehicles in 2021 and 2022 because it works to boost its manufacturing capacity.

With preparations for the Giga factory in Texas to open soon and initial ideas for a prospective extension of the Factory in California, Elon Musk has delayed the expected dates of various versions of its cars past 2022 and 2023.

How Often Does Tesla Update Delivery Rate?

Folks now understand that transportation dates for several Models have been postponed to next year. It means the new purchasers may have to wait a long time for their cars.

Purchasing an EV means committing to a significant delay before receiving your new vehicle.

But really, how much you have to wait and how many times the transportation date changes depends on the version you purchase.

The more you contribute to your order, the only way you can get your order faster. Several clients say their projected transportation time has changed at least six to eight times.

For example, the Model X Y Extended Range’s lowest option currently has a shipping date within April of the next year.

However, if you spend an additional $2,000 on a 20-inch model or $1,000 for a tow hitch, that estimate is shifted to somewhere between January and April.

How Accurate Is Tesla’s Delivery Rate?

Tesla’s shipping accuracy has fluctuated unexpectedly. That’s why consumers understand that the organization has struggled to meet its objective production year after year, and that consumers are usually frustrated with the company’s false promises that the delivery will be on time.

The estimations are based on current circumstances, but your expected transportation date can also fluctuate.

Your vehicle may reach before the expected arrival time, although this is relatively rare. To improve your chances, take a cheaper model from the stock within the first 3 months of the season. 

With the prediction to become a little more precise than usual, electric vehicle companies are opening many plants and Giga factories, which would shortly be conceivable to boost production and get a better idea of when it will deliver cars.

Is It the Same for All Countries?

They recently upgraded their website with delivery predictions for the New Model and Model Y in Canada and the U.S. for up to three months.

Only specific regions in Canada are affected by the transportation wait periods. Orders placed today in some countries can still be delivered in as little as 2-4 weeks.

Several EV variants are sold out in Canada and other countries until next year, and supply predictions for new reservations have been delayed from January to July of the next year, based on the Model.

It makes sense that EV firms would focus on delivering to their most profitable and high-volume markets before others, but it requires a while to get new items from the Fremont factory to different customers around the U.S.

If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, you might have to wait a little longer than someone who lives in Los Angeles.

How Tesla responds to angry customers

Where’s my electric car? It hasn’t arrived yet. Many recent buyers rightfully complain after an online purchase from the most valuable car company in the world.

The website makes it easy to customize or buy your electric vehicle in less time. But a delivery estimate is sent out, which constantly changes and fluctuates; you must be patient.

Some customers are experiencing waiting weeks or months for their cars, and Tesla’s transportation dates are constantly changing.

A Tesla sales employee in California told CNBC that salespeople and transportation staff are doing their best to answer questions from angry customers but do not have enough information from higher authorities or the factory in Fremont, California, to answer them precisely.

On top of that, Tesla does send out notices via email and SMS messages as to when your confirmed delivery date will be, but as the above consequences, even these are not 100 percent reliable. Ultimately, you have to be patient and wait for your delivery.

How Tesla responds to angry customers
How Tesla responds to angry customers

Tesla Official Answer on The Matter

Tesla says that most of the delays are due to problems with suppliers. Changes to manufacturing that the company required to make the up-to-date models took much longer and were difficult to execute. That’s also partially why the updated Model X wasn’t released until a few months after the Model S.

No doubt, Tesla is to blame for some sections of this issue. If your car is made and shipped from the factory, but it takes a few months or more to get to you, that’s a problem with Tesla’s logistical issues, and they should fix it.


If you are still waiting for the car you ordered, you could indeed take a glance at certain things. At the moment, these are just rumors; however, there are signs that your transportation dates are near.

For example, a declared registration number for your car is a positive indication that things are going forward with it.

So if you ordered an electric vehicle, you must wait for it because it won’t be delivered to you until it is clear from the document and test process.

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